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Building a guitar was never so simple

Autonomy Guitars offers a totally new experience for musicians. First we allow you to customize your
own high quality guitar from our huge range of models, styles and components. Then, we train you on
how to take your instrument from disassembled parts to a great looking and sounding finished product
you can enjoy forever — and at a fraction of the cost of a custom shop built guitar.





Select the model, color, finish and components that you want in your guitar and we will prepare it to your exact specifications and then package it for you in a kit format


With our easy-to-follow, step by step video training tools, you will learn to build your instrument from tips and practices used by today’s best guitar techs


Once we are satisfied with the quality of your guitar kit, we will ship it directly to you to assemble in the comfort of your own home or workshop

Make it unique. Make it Yours.


Money Back Guarantee

We are so sure that you'll love what we have to offer that we'll give you a full 60-days to decide. If you are not totally satisfied with your "tailor-made" guitar in that time, simply return it to us and we will gladly grant you a full refund on the price of the instrument. We'll even let you keep all of our expert created and tested training materials as a GIFT — no strings attached. Where else can you get that kind of assurance with a custom-made product?

What are you waiting for?

Create Your Guitar
Don't worry. Its simple, and we will guide you
through the whole process.